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"Your Q&A Sunday was PERFECT!! I need to tell you.THANK YOU for everything. I don't post a lot or ask too many questions, but I am truly grateful for this group. It is BY FAR the most helpful life changing group I have come across. Thank you for sharing your gift of knowledge and wisdom. I'm sure you hear it a lot, but I appreciate you and this group so very much!"


Erin Mueller


"I participated in the Abandonment Life Pattern group. The work group was instrumental in helping identify patterns that were hindering me from moving forward and having healthy and satisfying relationships with those around me. Zalman's insight and personal attention was invaluable in my personal growth."


Maya Jacob

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"Zalman has and is playing an integral part of my continuous developmental growth by working on my life patterns. Participating in the life patterns group and workbook has made positive changes in my life. As a result, I am more self aware, self confident, and pro active with decisions, circumstances, and situations that come into my life. Many people in my life, as well as myself have acknowledged this change and progress."


Bayah Valentin

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"Addiction impacts the entire family. Rehab saved my son. Zalman helped me with recovery in our relationship."


Tracy Pica