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What's Your Life Pattern?

What is a Life Pattern? Life Patterns are lifelong patterns and themes we all have. They’ve been with us forever, since childhood. We picked them up as kids and they're not our fault. Since then, they have continued to repeat themselves, and come up time and time again, throughout our lives to this very day. Here and now, as adults in the present moment, they subconsciously push us to recreate the same conditions we encountered in childhood; many of which were very harmful to us.

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Life Patterns are false beliefs we learned about ourselves and the world. They deeply impact how we think and feel, view ourselves, and relate to others. They are an addictive attachment to the image we formed about ourselves and were trained to believe. They are the false beliefs and wounds of the Inner Child that become our emotional triggers. 

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Everyone has self-destructive life patterns. They started in childhood with things done to us by our families and other kids – abandoned, criticized, overprotected, abused, excluded, or deprived – we were damaged in some way. And they continue, in our Inner Child, to escort us through life to today. Long after we grow up and leave the home, we continue to reproduce similar situations and repeat the pain of childhood.

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Changing our Life Patterns is the key to more fulfilling and successful relationships. By working with emotional triggers, by identifying, confronting, and overcoming them, we encounter the deeper, hopeful, positive, happy, and confident part of ourselves that’s ready for loving, respectful, and happy relationships.

transform your life with life patterns
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