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I’ll help you, and I’ll show you how you can start being the person you truly are.

Want to feel better, enjoy life, experience success?

You can. You just have to stop living a lie and tear-up the script that’s been forced on you since childhood. 

Discover a pattern. Make a change

Everyone has self-destructive life patterns. These are strongly-held beliefs that we learned about ourselves and the world during childhood. They have a huge impact on how we think, feel, act and relate to others and can cause:



Loss of confidence 

Low self-esteem

Relationship problems

Career difficulties

Career difficulties

Despite their negative impact, because these life patterns are so central to our sense of self, we cling to them. And that makes them difficult to change. 

I can help you change yours. So you can see yourself accurately, and think and feel in harmony with the person you truly are.


But first I need to discover your unique life pattern, which I’ll do via a free assessment which you can complete online, in your own time and with complete confidentiality.

About Me

I'm Zalman Nelson, LMSW – a professional, licensed therapist and a therapeutic coach. 

I can help you identify the life patterns that are holding you back and stopping you enjoying life to the full. 

Take back your life. Get in the driver's seat. Learn how to live. It all starts with my free assessment.

Your Free Life-Changing Life Pattern Assessment

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To make changes to your life, you need to do something different. Taking my free Life Pattern Assessment is the first step on the path to change that will improve your life and overall well-being. 

4 Stage Process

To help you overcome your life patterns, I focus on Identifying, Confronting, Tracking and Repeatedly Countering the patterns until they loosen their grip.

It’s Easy To Get Started

Your free assessment takes the form of an online questionnaire. I will assess your answers to reveal your strongest patterns. Then I’ll send you a personalized written assessment via a confidential email.

Free video consultation

Following this, I recommend setting up a free video consultation with me. During this, we’ll discuss your results and the next steps you can take to start changing the way your life patterns impact your life. 

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