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October 1, 2019

We all have two selves: an Adult Self and a Child Self. And that Child Self learned over time to be deeply attached to an image he/she picked up of himself/herself. It's like a picture we carry around in our head, and our entire way of thinking, feeling, and acting is...

September 2, 2019

Good living involves treating others the way you want to be treated. It’s the famous Golden Rule. But for those of us who weren’t always treated that way, as kids, by our parents, friends, and the people around us, we need to adjust it.

We need to treat ourselves the wa...

August 21, 2019

To develop a sense of connection, we need love, attention, empathy, respect, affection, understanding, and guidance. We need these things from both our family and our peers.

There are two forms of connection to others. The first involves intimacy. Usually, intimate rela...

August 9, 2019

💁‍♂️“Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.― Heath L. Buckmaster, Box of Hair: A Fairy Tale

✅The path to breaking our patterns is aided by the knowledge we are two and not on...

May 9, 2019

Start validating yourself, and then see how different your conversations are without the needy, pleading, desperation for validation.

So many of us struggle with validation and seeking it from external sources. As kids, we naturally learn about self from outside of ours...

April 18, 2019

There are billions of people on the planet. If a person can't meet your core requirements, you're not a match. No big deal; you’re just not right for each other, so you'll keep on looking for one.

Our needs in a partner include negotiable and non-negotiable items. Negot...

April 2, 2019

Many of us have difficulty trusting people, even when they are well-intentioned. This is one of the main ways we maintain our Life Pattern and try to keep our Child Self safe and protected.

Take an objective look at your relationships. Focus on intimate ones – family, c...

March 27, 2019

Zalman Nelson

16 hrs

Your child self needs your attention.

Relationships and interactions with others are here to be our teacher, guide, mentor, and spiritual partner.

We are here to uncover our Child Self and our Adult Self, and build a relationship between them. For this...

March 20, 2019

A Life Pattern is a blind attachment to the image we have formed, received, had pushed on us, absorbed, and were trained to believe of ourselves.

It's the picture of ourselves that we carry around in our head, and our entire way of thinking, emoting, speaking, and act...

March 6, 2019

You can't love someone else and enter into a relationship with them,if you don't love yourself.

Right now, as you read this, if you didn't get messages growing up and throughout life that you're good, liked, count and matter, are valid, deserving of care and respect –...