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The Way You See Things is the Real Problem

This week I found myself saying and thinking “I can’t take it anymore” quite a lot: two of my kids who seem addicted to fighting; working very late, waking up late, and starting my day late; employers who want more work done yet feel payments can wait…

Not really such outrageous or uncommon things, but the use of that line in particular got me thinking. And, given that so much of what the Torah teaches us and what we’ve discussed here in terms of Soul Psychology is about things not being what they seem and our working to see them truthfully, I decided to look deeper into, “I can’t take it anymore.”

(I better get to the point, otherwise you’ll say you can’t take it anymore and hit the delete button!)

The Wrong Interpretation

A large percentage of clients I’ve worked our corresponded with see “I can’t take it anymore” as a sign that it’s time to quit, give up, admit defeat, and accept that they’ll be scarred for life. Let me be clear: WRONG INTERPRETATION!