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Why You're Frustrated With The People Around You

Updated: Feb 9

Frustrated With The People

Are you often frustrated with people? People can't give what they don't have, no matter how much you try. Your Child Self has unmet emotional needs, that have gone unmet for so long; since childhood. As a child, you were primed to get your sense of self from interactions with others: validation, unconditional acceptance, love, awareness of our talents and abilities. But you didn't get them met as a kid, and your Child Self, since then, has continued to seek those needs from external sources; from the people around you.

It won't work. Those needs have to come from you first. You're frustrated with the people around you because of the deeper emotional component to all of your interactions with them that can never be met. Take that off the table and out of every interaction with others. You do that by focusing on that need in you, forming a relationship with it, and working on meeting those needs – coaching, parenting, caring for and talking to yourself.

As you do that, then you'll feel yourself more emotionally detached and less emotionally desperate and needy from those around you. You’ll notice yourself able to interact calmly with them, without the frustration, because you now have meetable expectations of them. You’re no longer asking them to meet your emotional needs.

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