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Is It Hard for You to Trust People?

Updated: Feb 9

It Hard for You to Trust People

Many of us have difficulty trusting people, even when they are well-intentioned. This is one of the main ways we maintain our Life Pattern and try to keep our Child Self safe and protected.

Take an objective look at your relationships. Focus on intimate ones – family, close friends, lovers, spouses, children. For each person in your life that is not obviously hurtful and unsafe, write down all the evidence that he/she can be trusted. Next, write down all the evidence that he/she cannot be trusted.

If you do not really have much evidence of bad treatment, try trusting more. Let down your guard gradually. Try to get closer, and trust people who deserve it.

People are often surprised at how little objective evidence they have that various people are worthy of mistrust. Unless you have surrounded yourself completely with abusive people, there are bound to be some people in your life that you can trust.

A good friend, mentor, coach, therapist, or teacher may be the best place for you to begin. You can learn to trust in a safe place.

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