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The New Golden Rule

Updated: Feb 9

The New Golden Rule

Good living involves treating others the way you want to be treated. It’s the famous Golden Rule. But for those of us who weren’t always treated that way, as kids, by our parents, friends, and the people around us, we need to adjust it.

We need to treat ourselves the way we treat others.

Because most of us, right now, and for a long time, have treated the people around us with the very love, care, compassion, giving, patience, and understanding that we’ve long-needed but not gotten. So, we’ll start doing it now: being our Adult Self and treating our Child Self the way we typically treat other people and have needed to be treated but haven’t gotten for most of our lives.

We’ll find ways to be compassionate and understanding with ourselves when we struggling to achieve something. We’ll celebrate our victories and not focus only on what we still need to work on. We’ll practice self-care without guilt, and we’ll look for ways to catch ourselves doing good rather than highlighting the bad.

We spent years treating others in the way we want to be treated. Now, we'll treat ourselves in the way we want to be treated, and keep asking that of those around us. Those who do, get more connection with us.


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