• Zalman Nelson

She Asked, I Refused

A client of mine, at the end of the session, wanted to share something she had said to her son so I could acknowledge and validate it.

I refused. 😱

😎I told her I thought she was seeking validation, external validation, from me, and not first and foremost from herself. I told her that I trust her instincts and decisions, having seen her grow a ton in the past few months from our work together.

"I think you already know that what you said to your son was right on, helpful, positive, and further 'proof' you're a good person and mom," I said. 🗣

"You're right...thank you," she said with a smile. And that ended the session. 😊

👉What's something you recently asked a person, or people, around you to validate, but you already, deep down, knew it was good or that you were right?


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