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The Secret to Achieving Your Goals

Updated: Feb 9

The Secret to Achieving Your Goals

So many of us see a goal and wish to move in that direction. BUT... We start talking ourselves out of it, since we don't yet perfectly know steps 2 through 20, or 50, or 1000, sadly, we don't even start. 

Consider this: You can only know the very next step. PLUS, once you take that step, new thoughts, options, and ideas arise that you never saw before you took step one.  •Now, step two becomes your very next step. •You keep focused on it, slowly it becomes clear, and you take it. •You're learning to not be worried about the step beyond it, rather just on the current one. After taking the next step (step 2), you'll then take the next. 

You're succeeding, and being compassionate with yourself: only ever asking doable things of yourself – crossing bridges when you come to them, and not a moment before. Such an approach is ok, normal, healthy, and a key to slow, steady progress forward, towards your goals.


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