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Therapy Tips: Dealing With Others

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A common challenge people face as they start to grow and heal by working with their emotions and building up their sense of worth and validation comes from the reactions of the people around them.

Some are supportive of your changes, and your expression of needs wants, and boundaries and they listen, hear, and adjust in kind.

Challenge of Others

It's the others, the ones that oppose the changes and insist you continue to be as you were – no boundaries, suppressed, serving others, throwing themselves at others – that make it hard. They can't connect with the emerging person you're evolving into. That you're becoming more your true self, finding your voice, speaking up about your thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants, treating yourself with more respect and now expecting others to do so.

Therapy Tips: Do You Have to Cut People Off?

You don't have to cut them off. Therapy tip for dealing with others: You do need to expect some pushback from some people. Therapy tip for you to do: You do need to focus on being consistent and pushing ahead. And you are fully allowed to let go of some relationships, or just not invest as much in them, as you see people self-identify who they are through their behaviors and reactions to you.

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