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Emotional Triggers: Kids in Adult Bodies

Updated: Feb 9

Kids in Adult Bodies

Growing up as kids, in response to our home environment, emotional stresses and pressures, and interactions with others, we picked up ways of seeing ourselves, people around us, the world, life, that were appropriate and effective for a certain time in our life. However, many of them are no longer applicable because they were based on different circumstances, when we were younger and less capable of handling ourselves.

Still, here they are. Our emotional triggers. We bring them with us into today, where we are no longer children trying to survive. We're adults relying on childhood beliefs to get us through some very adult situations.

That's crazy: relying on childhood beliefs to get us through adult situations!!! That's like throwing a 2-year-old temper tantrum with your spouse or boss when they turn you down for something or refuse to give you something you ask for. Yet, that's what we do. We take ways we learned to respond and survive as children into our careers, relationships, and other areas of life, and then we wonder why it doesn't work and why we're triggered so often.


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