The Emotional Deprivation Life Pattern is the belief that your need for love will never be met adequately by other people. You feel that no one truly cares for you or understands how you feel. You are probably attracted to cold and unforgiving people, or you may be cold and unforgiving yourself. Your relationships are typically unsatisfying and you probably feel cheated. Typically you alternate between feeling angry about it or feeling hurt and alone. Ironically your anger drives people away, even further, so it insures your continues deprivation. People with this pattern usually don't know what love is.


The Emotional Deprivation Life Pattern Workbook features 80+ pages of step-by-step guidance through the process of identifying your Life Pattern, uncovering it's origins, challenging and attacking it, breaking through, revealing your true self, and reclaiming your relationships. You're a click away from fulfilling, successful relationships. In PDF format.

Emotional Deprivation Life Pattern Workbook


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