The Mistrust and Abuse Life Pattern occurs when you EXPECT people to hurt you in some way. You believe that they will lie, manipulate, physically hurt you, cheat, betray, etc. You are typically suspicious of others’ intentions, especially when they treat you well. Most likely, you will avoid relationships entirely or you may form very superficial relationships. One of the most painful and toxic responses is to form relationships with people who will hurt you and treat you poorly. You may then feel angry and vengeful toward them, but also retain of sense of evidence for your belief.


The Mistrust and Abuse Life Pattern Workbook features 80+ pages of step-by-step guidance through the process of identifying your Life Pattern, uncovering it's origins, challenging and attacking it, breaking through, revealing your true self, and reclaiming your relationships. You're a click away from fulfilling, successful relationships. In PDF format.

Mistrust and Abuse Life Pattern Workbook


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