In the Unrelenting Standards Life Pattern, you strive relentlessly to meet extremely high standards for yourself. You place excessive emphasis on money, status, order, power, recognition at the expense of happiness, health, pleasure, and satisfying relationships. You probably apply your rigid standards to others and are very judgmental. This may occur all within your head without telling others, but they usually feel it in some ways. They may feel that they can’t help you, that they aren't good enough, that you don't need them, etc. As a child, you were taught that anything other than the best was failure and you learned that nothing you did was quite good enough.


The Unrelenting Standards Life Pattern Workbook features 80+ pages of step-by-step guidance through the process of identifying your Life Pattern, uncovering it's origins, challenging and attacking it, breaking through, revealing your true self, and reclaiming your relationships. You're a click away from fulfilling, successful relationships. In PDF format.

Unrelenting Standards Life Pattern Workbook - PreOrder Only


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