Feel STUCK in your relationships? You’ll Love this! You’re sick of choosing bad partners. You’d like successful, happy, respectful relationships, You want a success method for relationships.

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The Relationship Mastery Method is a 12 week course/ 12 LIVE ZOOM WORKSHOPS. Here's what you'll discover:

WEEK 1: Get to Know You: Understanding the self, your Life Pattern, and how it interferes in your life.

WEEK 2: Use Your Past: Get empowered by discovering how you became you.


WEEK 3: Connect to Self: Building a nurturing, working relationship With Your Child Self.

WEEK 4: Defend Self: Standing up for your Child Self; discovering who you are and who are not.

WEEK 5: Self-Parent – Nurture and Protect: Taking action to care for and parent your Child Self.

WEEK 6: Triggers: Handling triggers; how to work with your child self on a daily basis.

WEEK 7: Be Your Own Coach: Working with the Child Self and it’s parts; the tools to be independent.

WEEK 8: Discover and Be the Real You: Getting stronger, clearer, surer in who you really are.

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WEEK 9: Using Ex's: exploring old relationships for patterns, discovering what you need.

WEEK 10: Ideal Partner: Forming a clear vision of ideal relationship partners.

WEEK 11: Building Relationships: Finding the right partners, avoiding red flags, dating tips, and communication tools.

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WEEK 12: Wrap Up: What you’ve learned, how you’ve grown, and a surprise! Plus Free Bonuses!

✔︎ Access to recordings of your live group coaching with Zalman.

✔︎ Your own Success Plan – the method for your successful relationships! 

✔︎ 3-month free membership to Zalman’s private Inner Circle Facebook Group

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"I didn't know if I would be able to open up at first to a therapist but after only a short period of time Zalman has not only listened to my problems but has showed me he truly cares about my Issues. Being able to post my concerns/feelings/problems and get feedback 24/7 couldn't be any easier. I would refer him to anyone thinking about talking to a therapist!!!! A+"

"I'm very lucky to have worked with Zalman. I was concerned at first of the time zone difference, but Zalman has been steadily available, I feel no pressure and he has me often really analyzing myself and at the end of each day I feel noticeably better. I plan to continue working with him because I feel he can help me not only with my current issue but to improve myself as a person."

"Zalman is an amazing therapist! His words are always exactly what you need to hear and I never have to wait very long for a reply. I used to be very skeptical about therapy but this set up suits me well... It's so easy to open up and be completely honest through your laptop or phone! I highly recommend Zalman :)"