Using triggered feelings to help you grow emotionally,

build confidence and validation, and improve all of your relationships 


Monthly Messaging Therapy

With Messaging Therapy, you can write or audio-message whenever and as much as you need and want.  I sign in daily, Sunday-Thursday, and do at least 10 minutes worth of reading and responding. That's the equivalent of a therapy session spread out over the week. Do what works for you. You’re not obligated to write daily or a certain amount. Messaging Therapy is conducted on the encrypted and secure Telegram app platform

Sign-up today and you'll also get one 10-minute, live messaging session per month. Sometimes you need a quick back and forth, live, to get an answer or support without having to wait for a response. 

online therapy

Therapy Sessions

 Live sessions (50 & 25 min.) are available via video or phone calls, including all the major platforms: Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, and more. You can freely explore the triggers, challenges, relationship struggles, and changes you're looking to make, in real-time, with a caring professional listener, ready to guide, support, and direct you and your steps forward.

emotional triggers therapy.jpg
emotional triggers therapy.jpg


Not sure if therapy is for you or whether or not we'll be a good match, set up a free consult and get a sense for yourself. Ask any questions you have about me, my approach, or the needs and concerns you have.