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Living, Learning and Growing with the Tanya's Wisdom


The classic work of Chassidic thought, Tanya's timeless wisdom bridges the infinite gap to G-d, enabling us to connect with our soul, overcome our physical limitations, and forge a deep, emotional, and real relationship with the Creator of the universe.


It's a compass for life.

You can find the greatest revelation of the Torah's inner dimension in the Tanya's pages, and it's available to all as fuel for growth and personal conquest. Learn its enlightening knowledge with one-on-one learning, classes, and personal counseling and coaching in living the Tanya.

Have you heard about the Tanya and have no idea what it’s all about? Or maybe you have and even taken a look, but it feels like a foreign language? Perhaps you’re learning it with a book of commentary or in a class, but you don’t feel a connection or see how it talks to you?

The Tanya is spiritually explosive dynamite; nuclear fusion for the soul – that gives us the program for living that we all lack and, without it, we struggle more than necessary. Keep reading and you’ll discover the secret background of Chassidut, some of its most powerful figures, and the fundamental work of its ideas: the Tanya.

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Watch my live Tanya Therapy videos to stay plugged in. They appear on my YouTube account, and also on my Tanya Therapy Facebook page. The Tanya has "all the answers to all the questions" – if we look for them, get help to see them, and work on living them. The Tanya is the only place in the universe that outlines our inner world and psyche, making it clear who we are and how we need to live. 

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The Lubavitcher Rebbe's pastoral letters are powerful expressions of guidance, care, wisdom, and inspiration for the soul. His letters draw on the entirety of Torah to address any and all of the challenges a soul faces during its mission here on earth in a physical body. The deepest wisdom rendered practical, applicable, and doable. Each day, the WhatsApp group receives an original translation of a letter that will move and inspire you, and bring you closer to the essence and vision of the Rebbe.