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Professional THERAPY on your PHONE

Text Therapy

It’s easy to get started today with effective therapy and coaching that improves your relationships – right from your phone’s messenger.
The help you need, when you need it.

“The perfect therapy for me because I can release and talk about my feelings in the moment I am having them. And you get me and respond in a way that fits my personality.”

— Jane, CA

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Mobile Phone

Text Therapy 

is the same as regular therapy and counseling, but delivered via text messages.

What It Can Help With

It conveniently and effectively addresses all the same kinds of issues that people seek support for: relationships, depression, anxiety, communication, etc.


Text Therapy is an easy and super-effective way to start therapy and begin addressing the challenges in your life.

Easy to Do and Full of Benefits

Traditional therapy can be intense for some people. Not to mention costly.  And while Text Therapy isn’t a face-to-face experience, it does offer several significant benefits and unique advantages, which make it appealing, popular, and effective.

> What is Text Therapy?


Write whenever you want and as much as you want. Once a day I sign in, read, and respond. Over the course of the week, that adds up to an hour's worth of therapy…the same as a therapy session.


It's easier to face fears and share difficult things without someone in front of you listening. And sharing such things is important for helping you grow and achieve your goals. It's also why in-person therapy often takes so long. 


Slower, more natural pace. You have as much time as you need to contemplate a question or the feelings you’re having. Take your time to consider what you want to say. And it’s easier to fit into your schedule.


In the moment you need it. As you're thinking and feeling, you can write about it. Share the experience. Convenient support wherever you are, and in all those powerful, growth moments throughout the day.


Ongoing conversation and written record. Writing helps you get in touch with thoughts and feelings; improve your clarity and ability to express yourself. It's much easier to write when you know a caring professional is reading and responding.

Here's what makes Text Therapy awesome:

"Zalman has more patience than any person I've ever met. He is caring, consistent, understanding, non-judgmental, empathetic, and brings me such a sense of comfort. He knows when I need a push and when I need a break. He has given me the encouragement to just be myself, after spending a lifetime conforming to who everyone else wanted me to be. Zalman has truly been a blessing." 

—  Michelle, TX

You're still struggling despite attempts at traditional therapy or your own efforts at personal growth 

If you're tired of things never changing, techniques that are slow, and approaches that ignore the root of your challenges, it's time to take a more effective, doable, and empowering approach to your relationship struggles.

Enjoying the Nature

Zalman's core approach…


is effective and doable, easy to understand and implement, and feels spot-on. It will have you quickly seeing results, feeling empowered, rapidly gaining insight and awareness, and improving daily in your feelings, moods, interactions, and relationships.


Knowledge + insight + tools + support = success


Relationship Struggles


Emotional Validation


Social Communication


Life Patterns


Depression & Anxiety


Confidence & Success


Emotional Triggers 


Inner Child Healing

Let me help you take the first step towards transforming your relationships and your life


Personalized Treatment

You know what the issue is and what goal you want to achieve, but you continue to struggle without effective support and guidance. Schedule a consultation and let's begin your journey of growth, change, and transformation together.

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Custom Assessment 

You've been struggling, unhappy, and feeling overwhelmed for a long time, and no one has been able to give you answers or help you make real progress. Let's unpack your symptoms and personal history together so we can get to the source of the problem.

Take charge of your relationships with informative, insightful, and inspiring articles on relationships and personal growth on Zalman's blog

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