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Make Your Relationships

Effective short-term online therapy
for finding better partners,
improving communication, and
increasing connection

couple talking and communicating about their relationship
✓ Brief and success focused
✓ Doable tips, tools, and techniques
✓ Acquire lasting skills
✓ Overcome codependency and triggers
✓ Develop confidence and validation
✓ Master emotions and boundaries

Free 15 Minute Consultation

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Effective, Focused, and Brief

Therapy doesn't have to take years to see results. When you hit the core with successful tools that clients can repeat on their own with practice, growth comes fast

Effective therapy should get right to the core, empower clients with knowledge and insight, and provide them with tools that they can implement and practice right away. Most of the growth in therapy comes from the work a client does in between sessions. After all, you're with yourself 24/7/365.

However, that doesn't mean hours a day. That doesn't mean for years on end. Even a few moments a day, when focused correctly, with effective tools and guidance, done consistently, brings tremendous results that are lasting and impactful, and easy to maintain for years to come. Plus, you can keep building on your knowledge and awareness, taking on your emotional triggers and bringing them to calm. 

Codependency = Poor Communication

You share but don't feel heard or understood. The conversation spins and arguments go on forever and only seem to get worse

Improve the communication in all of your relationships once you learn the goal of communication (feel heard and understood), When you learn to take moments to connect to your own emotions, you get to really know what you feel and start to feel more valid and confident. 

You break free of codependency and fears of rejection, and develop the vocabulary to share what you feel clearly using "I feel statements" that effectively communicate your thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants. You also get less intensely triggered and more able to be present and calm in the conversation because you're already well in touch and good with your feelings.

Stop Attracting the Same Types

It's so frustrating to get the same types of people in your relationships, at work, and with your friends. Break out by realizing you are the one constant in all of those connections

When you keep getting the same kinds of people, partners, friends, and co-workers in your life. You always feel needy, desperate, demanding, too much, a burden, insecure, and like you never get what you need. Anxious attachment is always around you.

There's so much you can do internally, and emotionally to shift and change what you're attracting to yourself. Either you keep getting those types, or you heal the feelings and unmet emotional needs they keep trying to put you in touch with, and then you don't need them anymore.

Experience the Benefits

Improved Communication

Develop your emotional awareness and feelings vocabulary and be able to share assertively what you think, feel, need and want

Conflict Resolution

Tame your triggers by using them to guide your efforts to meet your emotional needs and be more calm in all conversations.

Emotional Connection

Learn what it feels like to be heard and understood as you practice giving that to yourself, and finally can enjoy that from others.


Absolutely phenomenal therapist with a kind heart, listening ear, and a no nonsense approach to self love + interdependence via healthy relationships. Working with Zalman has been especially critical in navigating inner child work and reparenting myself. I highly recommend.

Zalman is such a godsend. He’s an amazing listener and really cares about all my issues. His responses go into great detail about any concern I have and I’ve found every single response so useful and deeply considered by him. He spells out concepts in a way that makes them easily understood and able to be utilised in life. I’m so grateful for all his help.

Zalman is an amazing therapist. 10/10. He understands me. He helps me feel heard. He's committed. I trust him. And I've seen a world of change in my life since we started therapy 90 days ago. I really can feel that he cares about me, and he's invested in seeing me succeed.



Written on February 1, 2023, after therapy with Zalman for 1 year and 4 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, and self-esteem.



Written on June 22, 2023 after therapy with Zalman for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, grief, and coping with life changes



Written on May 11, 2023 after therapy with Zalman for 2 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, grief, intimacy-related issues, self esteem, anger and management

✔︎ Online Sessions – convenient phone and video sessions
✔︎ Customized – insights and guidance just for you

✔︎ Guidance – exercises and worksheets for deeper work
✔︎ Support – email access for questions between sessions
✔︎ Flexible – wide range of session times available
Understood – insights based on your experiences
✔︎ Tools – learn and practice effective approaches 
✔︎ Skills – develop your skills and become independent

✔︎ Comprehensive – blending the best approaches 
✔︎ Education – deeply understand yourself and solutions
Results – see changes and growth right away
Partner – feel the boost of someone in your corner


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