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Learn how to overcome emotional triggers,

build up validation, confidence, and esteem,

avoid falling into the same relationship patterns,

and attract friends and partners that are good for you.

What if you could feel good about yourself and finally enjoy relationships?

Hi! I'm Zalman Nelson.
Welcome to Relationship Masters.


Right now, you're stuck in negative patterns and trigger cycles with the people in your life.

Nothing works. You keep sliding back into familiar dynamics, old feelings: alone, unfulfilled, discredited, unloved.

I work with people around the world and guide them to successful and fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and colleagues...even when nothing else worked.

"I think it's important to thank you for what you've done for me. You really helped me to figure out so much about myself.  My patterns, my issues, what plagues me and how I can go forward.  The pattern work we did cut through to some really fundamental truth about my past and how I deal with it in the present. I don't think I could have really opened up this trauma piece if it weren't for the work that we did to clear that path.  I just want to thank you so much for all you've done for me."


“The perfect therapy for me because I can release and talk about my feelings in the moment I am having them. And you get me and respond in a way that fits my personality.”

A new approach to change, help and happiness that's focused and effective. I can help you identify and break the old patterns and masks that hold you back and cover your true, capable, worthy self.

To experience better relationships, you don't have to become something else. You have to stop living a lie and following the script forced on you since childhood about WHO YOU ARE. Use your emotional triggers to grow and break out.
I can empower you to take back your life and get in the Driver's seat. I can help you learn how to finally live.
Once you discover and practice how to see yourself accurately, live, think, and feel in harmony with who you truly are, then the YOU that you dream of being, naturally becomes a reality and you connect deeply,  joyfully in all of your relationships.