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Effective and professional online therapy

for individuals and couples

☑︎ Feel valid & worthy

☑︎ Heal your Inner Child

☑︎ Overcome "people-pleasing"

☑︎ Become happier, more confident, & successful

☑︎ Improve relationships with partners, friends, family, & colleagues

Available via video and phone sessions

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Your relationships – friends, family, colleagues, partners – change naturally when you change your relationship with yourself – your Inner Child. We are two: an Inner Child and an Adult Self. That Inner Child has been with you forever, absorbing all the good and bad messages you picked up in life about yourself, and your worth and value.


It's not your fault what you went through as a kid, and didn't get. But it is up to you to work with your emotional triggers, connect with your Inner Child's feelings, and begin to deliver the long unmet emotional needs of self-worth, validation, security, reassurance, and acceptance. 

Are you ready? I'll show you how and help you do it every step of the way. You could be well on your way to all of your goals in a few short days and weeks. Contact me today or set up a free consultation.


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