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What is the Inner Child?

Updated: Feb 9

What is an Inner Child, where is it located, and how do I find and talk to it? We'll explore these questions in this video. Stick with me until the end, and you'll have all the answers to help you start healing your inner child.

So, what is the inner child? As an adult, consider yourself to consist of two parts: an adult part and a child part. Understanding these parts is crucial for growth and healing. Education, self-awareness, and knowing the components inside you are essential for personal development. Many struggle with growth because they lack clarity about who they are dealing with internally.

To illustrate, think of a breakdown in a car. Without mechanical knowledge, it's challenging to identify and fix the issue. Similarly, knowing the components inside yourself is vital for successful growth. Start seeing yourself as two parts, acknowledging the thoughts and feelings that arise within you.

Recognize that you are not a single entity but a combination of an adult and a child part. This awareness can help you manage emotional reactions and lower your emotional temperature. Building a relationship with yourself involves becoming a parent to your Inner Child and addressing unmet emotional needs from your past.

Reflecting on childhood memories provides insight into your inner child's experiences. Memories often hold significance, indicating recurring patterns. Understanding these patterns allows you to gain insight into your present struggles and triggers. Repetition of past experiences in current relationships stems from attracting situations that resonate with unmet emotional needs.

Your Adult Part starts to emerge around 12 or 13 years of age, but an out-of-control inner child often dominates. Many adults are essentially kids in adult bodies. Recognizing and naming feelings using a feelings chart can be a helpful tool. Reflecting on triggering moments and identifying when you felt similar emotions in the past unveils the inner child's presence.

This video is part of a series on Inner Child work and inner child healing. Future topics will explore how the inner child influences attachment and interferes with relationships. If you found this helpful and want to learn more about Inner Child healing and its impact on relationships and emotional triggers, check out the YouTube channel: subscribe, like, and share. Technology plays a crucial role in mental health, and your engagement helps build a community of individuals committed to improving their relationships with themselves and others.

Schedule a consultation for more help and support in healing your Inner Child, improving your relationships, and overcoming emotional triggering.

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