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Breathe and Observe

Updated: Feb 9

Zalman Nelson

16 hrs

Breathe and Observe

Your child self needs your attention.

Relationships and interactions with others are here to be our teacher, guide, mentor, and spiritual partner.

We are here to uncover our Child Self and our Adult Self, and build a relationship between them. For this purpose, our past reappears in our present. Our ability to release ourselves from the patterns of the past determines how free our future will be.

Every experience appears before us to teach us more about ourselves. When reality is triggering and uncomfortable, instead of reacting or lashing out, we tell ourselves, "Breathe, observe, notice, accept and hear, examine what you feel and see where you feel it."

Our thoughts and emotions in those moments are a reaction of our Child Self and requires observation, attention, and unconditional acceptance; not reaction. We forge a connection and bond with our Child Self at that moment.

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