• Zalman Nelson

Red Flags and Non-Negotiables

There are billions of people on the planet. If a person can't meet your core requirements, you're not a match. No big deal; you’re just not right for each other, so you'll keep on looking for one.

Our needs in a partner include negotiable and non-negotiable items. Negotiable items are things that you’d like to have, but aren’t deal breakers. There things you don’t really, deeply care about: They are shorter than you…He has a dog, but doesn’t like cats…She wants two kids but not three…He likes to hike in the mountains and doesn’t like the beach.

Non-negotiable are SERIOUS and CRITICAL. They are RED FLAGS. If the person has all the basic wants, needs, and desires on your list, but has even ONE (yes, even a single one) of the things on your Non-Negotiable list…DON'T try to have a relationship with them.

What’s a want, need, or desire you have for your current or future partner that’s negotiable? What’s non-negotiable?

Looking back on past relationships, did you miss red flags and non-negotiables? Did you put too much emphasis on a negotiable?

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