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Can You Text With Your Therapist?

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

text message with therapist

You absolutely can text and message your therapist if it's something that they offer. Many online services offer packages for therapy that are exclusively text and messaging work, including audio messages. Or, they offer a combination of sessions (phone/video) plus text communication during the week in between the sessions.

Text therapy is also a really easy way to get start in therapy if you're having a hard time finding a therapist, or starting therapy for the first time. Many people find it easy and more comfortable to share their struggles and issues in text, rather than live in a session, either in person or online. Face-to-face therapy and coaching, even video call sessions, can be intense for some people. Not to mention costly.

How Does Text Therapy Work?

Text therapy, or messaging therapy, is the same as regular therapy and counseling but delivered via text or email messages. It addresses the same kinds of issues that people seek support for: relationships, depression, anxiety, communication, etc.

And while it isn’t a face-to-face experience, it does offer several significant benefits and unique advantages, which make it appealing and popular.

What Are the Advantages of Text Therapy?

•You can write whenever, and as much, as you want. I sign into the chat once a day and read and respond. Over the course of the week, it equals about an hour's time in reading and responding, the same as a typical therapy session.

•In the moment you need it. You get to write about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as you’re having them. Raw, real, honest, and authentic.

•Slower, more natural pace. You have as much time as you need to contemplate a question or feelings you’re having and consider what you want to say. And with life being so busy these days, it’s easier to fit into your schedule: waiting online or for an appointment; early morning or late night; during a lunch break, etc.

•Empowered to face your fears and discomforts. For many people, the lack of immediate feedback that comes with a video or in-person session makes it easier to say something you find embarrassing or fearful to share, yet want to in order to get support and guidance.

•Ongoing conversation and written record. So much of your healing comes from getting in touch with what you feel and expressing it. Not only does your inner clarity increase as a result, but you also improve yourself and your ability to express yourself. And unlike a journal, it's so much easier to write when you know a trusted and caring professional is reading and hearing you, and responding.

•Convenience. Support and help from the comfort of your home. There as you need it and when you need it. Messaging Therapy is there in all those powerful, growth moments that occur all week long.

Therapy With Zalman specializes in monthly text therapy and healing work through messaging. Contact us to find out more.


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