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Relationship Tips: Shrink Your Circle of Friends

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

text therapy circle of friends

This is in response to a text therapy client working on his life patterns, building a better, more loving, accepting relationship with his inner child, and learning to respect himself more. He's starting to see changes in his relationships, such as being more aware of people who aren’t respecting him and backing off those relationships.

He's also working on investing more in those people he sees that are treating him with respect. He was looking for relationship tips on addressing some changes he was seeing.

Tip For Navigating Relationships

Basically, he was becoming concerned as he watched his friend circle shrink:

"I sense and see with you that you’re doing a lot of inner growth and changing how you feel about yourself, see yourself, and talk to yourself. And with that comes a new view of the people around you, including, in some cases, coming to the decision that a certain person or persons no longer deserve so much time, effort, and attention from you.

You’re observing and noticing how they have only connected to you as long as you give and they receive all the time.

All of that is ok. At first, you see your friend circle shrink, but those who remain in the circle are keepers and good ones. Also, with time, you build up a few more in the circle, as the new you, the one that accepts, loves, values, and respects you, actively filters out those who do and don’t respect you back."


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