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Examples of Emotional Triggers

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

emotional triggers

Emotional triggers are things like conversations, interactions, events, memories, people, and situations that spark and arouse strong negative or uncomfortable emotions and feelings. The experience can be sudden, or it can seem to come from out of nowhere.

Emotional Triggers: Overreaction

A key point is that emotional triggers are typically part of an emotional reaction on the person's part which is more severe than what the trigger or situation would logically call for – i.e., overreaction.

We attract people into our lives who are messengers. They emotionally trigger feelings in us in order for us to see it, identify it, and be able to work on it. It's like they are mirrors on two feet. And as we do that work, their ability to emotionally push us around dwindles and fades to the point that we see their actions and words as indicative of their own issues, and nothing to do with us.

Situations that Often Trigger Emotions

Here are some situations that can be very triggering. As you look deeper into them, you'll see that they have similar and familiar features and feelings to things you've experienced in the past:

  • disapproval

  • criticism

  • loss of control

  • unfair treatment

  • rejection

  • being excluded or ignored

  • betrayal

  • feeling unwanted, unloved, not needed


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