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She Wanted to Attract Her Soulmate

I was recently asked this question in my Facebook group Relationship Masters, and I want to share it with you.

"I would Love to attract My True Husband Soul Mate."

Here's what I told her:

Think about how your ideal partner would look at you, talk to you, treat you, think about you, and feel towards you. Close your eyes, breathe, and try to deeply imagine what it looks and feels and sounds like in all its detail. Now, start treating yourself that way. Become more and more mindful of being your adult self and treating your inner child, your child self, in some of those same ways: loving, accepting, listening with patience and understanding, paying attention, and being compassionate and supportive.

Because the people around us treat us the same way we treat ourselves, and we attract people to ourselves that will treat us in similar ways to the way we treat ourselves. When we are mistreating ourselves, a leftover from rough spots in childhood, we attract people that treat us the same way and trigger the same old feelings.


To help us get in touch with those feelings of our child self, tune in and pay attention, and build a new relationship with her, until she feels heard and loved and accepted, and eventually there is no need to attract such types into our life anymore. Rather, we attract good potential types that treat us in sync with the new and loving and accepting way we have learned to treat ourselves.

Go attract your soulmate!


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